About -

For the love of words and henna dreams...

I grew up in an East Indian household. Rich colors, textures, and gobs of handcrafted, uniquely awesome jewelry was abound.

When I started Pretty Peacock in 2008, I wanted to pay a bit of homage to my heritage and bring in intricate henna/mendhi patterns and Sanskrit and marry them to create jewelry that you couldn't find anywhere else.

Once I had children, I wanted to create fun pieces that didn't scream "HEY LOOK, I'M A MOM!!" so I started creating some more downplayed, tasteful pieces that I would be proud to sport myself.

When my inner geek just couldn't take it any more, I started a line of latitude longitude jewelry. This collection is one of my most favorite, because it has that air of mystery and secrecy that only the wearer is going to be able to de-code (at least without the internet).

Pretty Peacock is always growing, learning, & expanding - it's important to us to keep fresh ideas brewing, learn new techniques, and experiment with new mediums. We also are very focused on using recycled precious metals and packaging.

You can find the Pretty Peacock line in museums, boutiques, and catalog companies across the globe.

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