Hello, Friends!  

It was 2002 and I was knee-deep in corporate crazy-town and pregnant with my first baby.  

Once he was born, I had the luxury of time - a gift for which I am eternally grateful - to figure out what I wanted to do with myself career-wise. The corporate life wasn't for me (should have known that when I opted not to go to law school!), but you get so stuck in filling out this role that you end up creating for yourself, that you have no idea WHO you really are anymore.

I took metalsmithing classes on a whim...got hooked, got certified, took more classes, had a 2nd (and final) child and started Pretty Peacock. Balancing motherhood, wife-hood, and trying to grow a business is a daunting task, but it is DO-ABLE (so if you have questions about that, you just reach out to me and we will chat, chat, chat!!).

Starting and growing Pretty Peacock has been incredible. We are now in stores across the world, in major catalog companies, and it's an amazing feeling to know that others love my designs - it's validating, inspiring, and confirms what I already know - I am supposed to be creating.

In between then and now, I have gone through a divorce, learned how to be  financially self-sufficient (because that's what women need to do!!!), sold and bought a house, FOUND MYSELF AGAIN, fell in love again, and healed.

Now, here we are at the near-end of 2017, on the brink of Pretty Peacock's 10th Anniversary, and I am still learning, growing, and evolving with the Pretty Peacock.

If you've been with us for many years, THANK YOU for supporting this small, handmade company. You've helped me bring a dream to life, allowed my son to go to football camp, provided me the means to take in my parents and take care of them the way they deserve to be, and LIVE. You have no idea how much it means to me and my family.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart <3


~ Ana