It's not a surprise that I'm a huge fan of essential oils. I use them for aromatherapy, ingest them, and definitely use them topically.

This eye serum recipe is AMAZING. I LOVE the smell of it and it works so well on fine lines, tired skin, puffiness - you know, all that stuff that happens to your face because you're over there living it.

I love the cooling affect it has on your skin and it absorbs super quickly.  And did I mention that it smells AMAZING??

Copaiba has become one of my most favorite EO's - it smells amazing, it lowers your blood pressure, it's an anti-inflammatory...I love it.

Whip some of this magical potion up, or contact me, and I'll do it for you (I'm going to start offering blends for purchase really soon because I have to share all the amazing benefits of EO's - and I want it to be super simple for you to have and use right away.)

Let me know if you try this!!