When I was 22, the VP (a woman) of the company I was working for, told me (multiple times) that I needed to keep in mind that when I turned 40 (at the latest) I would need to cut my long hair short - so that I “would be taken seriously.” 

That comment affected me - it made me question the obvious: “my hair length somehow dictates my competence/value/intelligence, etc etc?” And simultaneously made me deeply angry.

This highly educated, professional woman has somehow been convinced that part of her worth was wrapped up in something so trivial as hair length (I’m sure it poured over into her weight, clothing, maybe her height...?). It’s insanity.

I turned 41 this year and, needless to say, that long hair has not gone anywhere and I am pretty damn sure everyone takes me seriously - because I demand it. I’ve earned it. And I won’t sit by and take anything else.

That’s not to say that I haven’t allowed others put me in a shadow, held me down, convince me that I am less than - but I allowed it.

This is why I love the symbol of the lotus - it persists through muck, pushes its way upward to the light, and majestically blooms. It’s magic. 

And so are we. ❤️